Disable KDE mouse settings to use multiple mouse

I have two mice, a laser mouse and a trackball.
I want to use acceleration with the trackball, but not with the laser mouse. However KDE settings only allow one profile for all mice.

Currently I am forcing the system to use xinput by deleting:
This enables me to use different settings for each mouse. Not doing this will cause KDE to overwrite mouse settings with hardware changes (plug in or out device sometimes even with non-input device).

This works, but this file is recreated with a system update. Which has become kinda annoying. Could I disable KDE mouse settings permanently so I can use xinput instead of KDE?

That is a symlink to /lib/qt/plugins/plasma/kcms/systemsettings/kcm_mouse.so that is part of plasma-desktop
There is no sensible way to disable it, AFAIK, but maybe this will help Multi-pointer X - ArchWiki

The article is about Multi-Pointer setup. I just need one pointer, but be able to switch between two input devices without fiddling with System Settings every time.
I have udev rules for each device that works well, so I have no issue with Xorg.
The kcm_mouse iterates every pointer- type device and applies settings to them directly, which is why resolved into deleting binaries as a hot-fix.

Good to hear I didn’t miss anything obvious, thanks.

@Haddock maybe you should file an issue at the Plasma developers so they can add support for this.
It’s not something most users have a need for so they might not have thought about the need for different settings in this case.
But you as a practical user of such setup, could explain them why it is needed with your use-case.