Disable Gnome-Keyring password prompt

I’m on a manjaro Xfce system, I had to install gnome-keyring for Mailspring to work, but now system prompt for my password at every login.
I use LightDM with automatic login and i checked
Session and Startup> Advanced > Launch GNOME service at startup
after doing that I rebooted but still prompted for password.
Am I missing something?
Thanks for your help manjaro people


same problem, but I am using protonmail-bridge, which requires a keyring system (I have installed gnome-keyring 3.36.0 from standard repo). Everytime I login, I am asked to enter the keyring password because “an app” is trying to acccess it. I would like protonmail-bridge to access the keyring without me to have every time the pasword. The link to the Arch/Linux GNOME/Keyring is nice, but it is too complex stuff for me. P.S. I have installed Seahorse as requested in the article, but not clear how to solve the issue. Thx

Reset your gnome keyring, and put an empty password. It is the same for Skype for example and it is the only solution I found. It probably opens security issues though.

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