Disable Delete Confirmation Prompt

After hitting download, although the files move to trash, I still need to hit OK in confirmation message box (unlike windows). Could anyone please tell me how to disable it?

I do not really understand what you mean with this. Linux/xfce is not Windows (…and I don’t use Windows).
Thunar has an option to delete directly, without using the trash, but with confirmation-box, of course.

  • open thunar - edit - settings - behaviour - enable “show action to permanently delete files and folders”
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Do you mean Delete ?

I don’t remember having a confirmation dialog for deleting – as in moving to Trash – but i know there is one for deleting permanently – bypassing the Trash…

On my Xfce system:

Shift + Delete without using trash folder has the ‘Are you sure’ dialog.
Enter to confirm deletion

Delete does not use confirmation dialog to move files/folders to trash

And Firefox is set to always ask which folder to use for downloading

I don’t recall what dialogs XP had

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