Disable default internet browser and terminal auto-start

Somehow I cant remember how I got both apps starting when system is loaded. How to reverse my wanderings? :smiley:

Without more information … hard to say.
Maybe you made use of something like ‘saved sessions’ ?

Frequently Asked Questions - Session Manager[Xfce Wiki]
Why are some of my applications automatically started when I login?
This occurs when a previous session is restored or the application is set to auto start.
To prevent Xfce from restoring your last session, go to Settings Manager → Session and Startup and uncheck “Automatically save session on logout”

Or use this command to turn off session saving

xfconf-query -c xfce4-session -p /general/SaveOnExit -t bool -s false

You may also need to remove previous sessions

rm -rf ~/.cache/sessions/*

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