Disable compositor for windows on only one display?

I currently have the “Allow applications to block compositor” option enabled so my FPS doesn’t tank while gaming, however there’s a slight problem: I have two monitors, and the compositor is disabled on both monitors, so my second monitor suffers screen tearing when scrolling or moving things around. While this isn’t a huge deal, it would be nice to keep the compositor enabled for windows on my second monitor so that my applications will run smoothly while keeping it disabled on my primary monitor that I’m gaming on. Is this possible? Hopefully this doesn’t sound ridiculous, this is only my second day on KDE/Manjaro.

That’s not really what that does. And I don’t think what you want is possible. I disable that setting because disabling the compositor messes up the desktop, your taskbar, things like that. I don’t see any difference regarding game performance either. You may see a difference in low end system, because it stops using some resources for the desktop itself, but I don’t think it is good to disable the compositor at all.

I disabled the application compositor blocking setting and according to Steam, my FPS was at 120, but when I was moving my camera around it most definitely did not feel like 120. When I disabled the compositor, the game felt smooth.

Probably because you need to also configure Nvidia Settings to enable Full Composition Pipeline (and save to the nvidia Xorg config file, and reboot to make sure it is properly applied).

Open it again but this time with “sudo nvidia-settings” and click Save to X Configuration File, then browse to “/etc/X11/mhwd.d/nvidia.conf” and save. Reboot.

So I enabled the full composition pipeline and saved to the Xorg configuration files, but I’m still having the same issues in games. Games still feels choppy when moving the camera around.

I don’t really know, sometimes it needs different settings for the games. If you found something that works better for you then go ahead use it the way you prefer. Maybe some other nvidia settings need to be changed like the refresh rate (sometimes you have multiple available but only one is the best).