Disable automatic download prompt

Usually when downloading something off of the internet on Manjaro, a download prompt will show up where you can change the name of the file and choose which folder to save it in. This is usually very helpful, but when automatically downloading many files from a site, I don’t want to manually hit save hundreds of times. Is there a way to just automatically save it to the Downloads folder instead of opening the prompt?

I assume you mean through the browser … which one?

I am using LibreWolf, but this also happens with Brave and Firefox, so I assume it happens with every browser.

Every browser has its own settings for what to do when downloading something. So you should check the pertinent settings in every browser you’re using. :man_shrugging:

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In firefox in about:config

browser.download.alwaysOpenPanel = false

Okay, this was kind of a stupid question. I understand now, there is an option for asking where to save files in the browser, NOT the system settings. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction, even though this was the most useless forum post I’ve ever made.

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