Disable applets in Manjaro Awesome Edition

I’ve historically used the KDE release of Manjaro, but I’ve primarily been using AwesomeWM lately and when I installed on my new laptop I decided to go with the Awesome Edition of Manjaro and install my rice over the default layout.

I’ve since installed a couple of other DEs alongside Awesome (Plasma, Deepin), and when I log in to either of those the pa-applet, nm-applet, and blueman-applet all autostart, giving me redundant icons in the panel for the ones supplied by the DE. This seems to be set at the system level by the manjaro-awesome configs.

My Awesome rice has its own autostart script that starts these applets specifically when I log in to Awesome, so I would like to just disable these applets from generally autostarting , but I can’t for the life of me figure out where these are configured. Does anyone know where the configs are stored for Manjaro Awesome Edition that autostart these applets?

If I remember correctly these are set in the script ~/.config/awesome/autorun.sh.

Find the corresponding lines in that file, delete (or comment) them and logout/login to see if that worked.

I have tried that, and the applets still load everywhere but Awesome. I want those applets to run in the autorun.sh anyways so that they only run in Awesome. Plasma and Deepin shouldn’t be running the autorun.sh script anyways.

For clarity, if these applets are removed from my .config/awesome/autorun.sh, the applets do not load when I start Awesome. They do, however, still load when launching Plasma, Deepin, or Gnome.

My suspicion was that these were somehow configured in the XFCE utilities that come pre-installed on Manjaro Awesome Edition, but I have been unable to find anything there. I can confirm that these applets only run when launching an Xsession (nothing in Wayland sessions or pre-login).

I was finally able to find the configs. They were in /etc/xdg/autostart. I removed the relevant .desktop files and the applets no longer launch at login outside of Awesome

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