Digital Vibrance CS:GO Counter Strike vibrantLinux


I wanted digital vibrance for my AMD GPU and I found only one program and it’s called vibrantLinux, but it doesn’t install itself properly.

I tried to install it from the instruction:

> git clone ~/vibrantlinux
> cd ~/vibrantlinux
> ./

And I installed on fres Manjaro: gcc and make packets, but compiled program doesn’t work.

The required packages are:

I cannot even find libcb-ewmh as a dependencies.

How do I install any program for digital vibrance to play CS:GO on Manjaro?

I really want it, please help!

On Garuda there was simple installation option and I’ve had digital vibrance, but on Manjaro I cannot do it, Please help!

It’s available in the AUR (Arch User Repository).

Maybe you are referring to ‘chaotic-aur’ where they automatically compile packages from aur and make them available to install without the user needing to build. Its very convenient but also very dangerous, especially if they enable it by default and dont inform users what it actually is - they do no vetting of those packages, they just build and serve them without inspection. Another ‘cute’ thing I suppose …

Yes, but how do I enable AUR repository and not destroy the system?