Digikam crash after Manjaro installation

Dear all,

I reinstalled completely a second computer with Manjaro KDE - the first one works perfectly. When launching Digikam, that I used since years, initially with Ubuntu and now with Manjaro, it didn’t start and I got the error message:

[pierre@Khar ~]$ digikam
ASSERT failure in KCatalogPrivate::setupGettextEnv: “You need to instantiate a Q*Application before using KCatalog”, file /build/ki18n-git/src/ki18n/src/kcatalog.cpp, line 214
Abandon (core dumped)

I noted that the issue is already treated in the forum in German language. The error seems located in the ki18n package. However many other applications use this package as dependency and I don’t want to break them. In brief, it’s not very clear for me. Could somebody explain step by step how to proceed in English or French?

Thanks and regards.

Have you installed all the language packs available in the Manjaro Settings Manager on the second computer?

I have the following packages installed:

No additional packages are available.
Many thanks for your help.