Diffrence between java and JDK... for Minecraft =)

Hey, I have a bit of a problem where I don’t think Minecraft 1.8.9 likes JDK 15 and doesn’t want to launch. On Windows I just had to install Java 8 and it was fine, is there a difference between JDK and Java where I have to install an older version to get it to work?

Just for reference: Had a laptop run Minecraft yesterday for a family member using minecraft 2.2.1441-1 from the AUR, picked jre-openjdk 15.0.2.u7-1 as a dependency and it ran pretty decent on a old dualcore intel i3 with 3,5 G ram. Just to see how much of the software they want to use can be run on Manjaro instead of Windows. The first time starting did not go well. The second time it was used for ~2 hours and no issues.

Choosing what to install was the biggest hurdle, ultimately picking minecraft-launcher

I always use TLauncher – Download Minecraft Launcher. Here is the AUR package. Because it’s been specially developed to work on linux. though it’s your choice which launcher to use.

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Thanks for the tip :smiley:

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Java is a language, a technology and a virtual platform, and a couple more. Java alone may refer to any of these. JDK is specifically the Java Development Kit, used to build Java applications, which also contains private JRE to run applications you’re developing. The part that runs Java applications is called JRE or Java Runtime Environment. This is the one that you have to consult with Java application you’re trying to run, since Java 8 to 15 are not 100% compatible. There are things that differ here and there, so make sure you’re using JRE version your application is expecting, which I believe for Minecraft it’s still Java 8.

Hey, thanks for the response. whenever I run java -version it shows…

openjdk version "15.0.2" 2021-01-19
OpenJDK Runtime Environment (build 15.0.2+7)
OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM (build 15.0.2+7, mixed mode)

Edit: Nevermind I’m just blind, should I install the JDK 8, or will this mess with my current version of Java?

You should (or have to) install “jre8” to play minecraft properly. So install (AUR (en) - jre8) and then you can just run install and run Tlauncher from your start menu. I personally use tlauncher because it’s easier, faster, more advanced. You can download any minecraft version for free from there. Including optifine and forge. No need to buy anything. You can also play on servers from there. It’s specially designed to work on linux. Installing mods and skins are also easy. It’s more used than the official launcher!

You can have multiple versions installed with one set as default: Java - ArchWiki

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reviving this topic because it is not working for me
Kunfuzzle do you got the solution?

If I remember correctly 1.10 and below require JRE8 to run, so all I had to do to play older versions was switch to it with

sudo archlinux-java set java-8-openjdk

If you don’t already have it you can install jdk8 and jre8 from pacmac, and check current installs with

archlinux-java status