Different zsh prompt when connecting over ssh


Hello, world :slight_smile:
I no longer use manjaro (I use arch btw) but I seem to remember that manjaro had a cool feature where if you open zsh with a terminal that doesn’t support unicode it would show a simplified version of the promt. would anyone know where I could find the script that does this?

PS: (I already have the manjaro zsh and bash configs installed so it isn’t in those)
PPS: (I might be totaly misremembering this and this feature may have never existed)
PPPS: (I use arch btw)

edit: I just opened an emacs terminal and it had the simplified prompt. So I do have it installed.
my question then becomes how could I force-activate this (my ssh terminal tells the host that it supports unicode but it actually doesn’t)

edit2: I fixed it see my following reply

That would depend on the remote system.

Below example is from my system using Konsole and bash - the remote system is using zsh

[user@host ~]$ ssh web
Last login: Wed Mar  9 12:04:01 2022 from host
âžś  ~ 

But since you are using Arch I suggest you ask in their dedicated forum - I am sure you know the address.

But since you are using Arch I suggest you ask in their dedicated forum

True, but since this is the manjaro zsh theme I tought this might be the right place to ask.
I will have a closer look at ~/.zshrc I might find something usefull

I don’t think you find a solution digging in the config.

What you see is what the remote system sends you - including the prompt.

I meant the remote ~/.zshrc and I found it
if you replace USE_POWERLINE=true with

if [[ ${SSH_TTY} ]] ; then

then it will show the ASCII promt when in zsh and the unicode prompt when using a normal terminal (this won’t override the default behavior of using an ASCII prompt when using an ASCII terminal)

note: this might not work with su (it works for me)

I see - then I misunderstood your initial post - good you found it then.

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