Different terminal view after upgrade to Ornara

Terminal has changed after upgrade. Now it writes like


but before it was

root@nickname Linux 5.9.16-1-MANJARO x86_64 21.0.1 Ornara
~ >>> 

Maybe you noticed, that i have written Ornara. It’s not mistake. Root user’s terminal saved its common view, but common user’s has not.
I suppose that somewhere is conf file for default shell or smth.
Help pls, that new shell look is just unfamiliar to me

You can customize your user prompt by editing your ~/.zshrc.

Why would it be a mistake? That’s the current code name for the latest stable ISO.

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.zshrc is empty. I wanted to copy root zsh config to common user.

Thanks for mentioning Rules.

I’ve solved problem:

  1. su -
  2. Copy /root/.zshrc to /home/username/.zshrc
  3. Reopen terminal
    Now your terminal is just like root user’s

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