Did you install UKUI, is it ok?


did someone already tried to install UKUI on manjaro? Is it working or there are issues?

Many thanks in advance

What do you want UKUI for? First, it isn’t open-source and free anymore, second, it would install the “@buntu kernels”, third, you already have an app to do so in your system, you can use it in gui mode or in cli mode

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Maybe download and give it a spin on a VM. @BlueWizard

@visone UKUI is free and open source, No desktop environment installs kernels, even less one that is not available in the repos.

Thanks @codesardine, I knew UKUI is open source. I can try it.

I didn’t answer just to be polite because I’m a forum user since 2016 :wink:

Sorry, I made a mistake, I mix UKUI DE with the app to install Ubuntu based distros’ kernels.
My bad!!!

No problem, each of us can do mistakes… we are a great community!