Did something happen to microsoft-office-web-jak

Did something happen to the microsoft-office-web-jak package? I had several packages listed as using python 3.11 using the following to come up with that list:
pacman -Qoq /usr/lib/python3.11/

The package pythone-jade-application-kit was one of the listed packages which said it was a dependency of microsoft-office-web-jak. Anyway I removed both python-jade-application-kit and microsoft-office-web-jak but now can’t find it in the repositories to reinstall it anymore. Was it removed or renamed to another package. Only thing I can find in the forums is a reference to this but it is from 4 years ago and I can’t find the package it references either.

A google search finds the following which makes me think it is still somewhere and maybe being used in the manjaro repos? right?


Any help would be great and unfortunately I still have to work with office documents online on a daily basis.

Yes, it does not exist.

Neither does this one.

Finding a project on github does not mean it is in the repos.

This is a central index you can check:

Though, assuming your mirrors arent broken, you should be able to find this just as easily from your own desktop via pacman + your AUR helper.

They were both removed. And should be similarly removed from your system.
Just like all packages that arent in the repos or AUR (exceptions being things you locally built on purpose for a specific reason).

Considering these were really just web wrappers with launchers …
You could use the online M$-office interface through your browser or even duplicate the JAK functionality by using an SSB like ice-ssb.

OnlyOffice might be worthwhile as an alternative:

See: Installing OnlyOffice Desktop Editors on Manjaro



An alternative may indeed need to be considered. The package clearly doesn’t exist in the official repositories:

This too doesn’t look overly promising:

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ok so is it that jak is no longer supported then? The main reason I loved this solution was I log in with a set of credentials that I don’t particularly want to be logged into my regular browser with because Microsoft is a PITA about being logged in as multiple users so this let me be logged into firefox with one set of credentials and then this app with a different set of credentials. I’ll take a look at ice-ssb, it just threw me for a loop since I missed the announcement of when it was removed from the repos. Was it just removed for this update?

All of the JAK packages have been discontinued and then removed from the repos.

There are many different solutions for this including containers or separate accounts. While technically speaking SSBs arent really necessary they are roughly what you were already using and may prove easy to manage.

webapp-manager still exists (that is what i use after jak), it has the same functionality, it also allows you to create an app with data isolated from the main browser. At least on chromium is works nice.

When i think about it you do not even need that, you can manually create your app
chromium --app=https://www.messenger.com/t/XXXXXXXXXXXXX/ --class=WebApp-FacebookMessengerXXXXXXX

With chrom* you dont even need to do it like that. It was just “Add to desktop” … now its … :mag_right:

Options > Save and Share > Create Shortcut ..

But I dont know exactly how isolated it is. May need some tinkering for extra bolting down.

As mentioned there are dozens of approaches with varying layers.

Heres another quick example using firefox and profiles;


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