Did Manjaro track me?


did manjaro track me?

In my Pi-hole blocking list I can see that manjao try to send something to matomo.manjaro.org?

There is no tracking in the OS - that I know of.

Perhaps the website has some analytics using [matomo.org].

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Analytics of the forum… it is blocked by ublock origin here.

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I think you are misinterpreting this - how many times a link is used is counted by the forum software - and the forum software can distinguish between the poster of the link and those using the link - so you cannot artificially increase the popularity of a link.

I have a DNS level blocking mechanism in my local network.


Yep - I just realised that and deleted my post.

I have no records of that in my PiHole logs:


Try visiting manjaro.org - I think matomo is used there.

Indeed. But it gets caught:


*Off to allow it*

Along with a few other things, depending. :wink:

[old image]

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I’m not worried about this, at least it’s open source, and not Google.

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Which is why I allowed it specifically.

the reason i’m using manjaro is the fact that manjaro is running as a company that must fullfill the european regulations and laws. this isn’t the holy grail but far better than a hobbyist-distro that might fail and a way better than a distro that is coming from the united states of absurdistan with their sneaky laws. manjaro is in charge because they cannot risk a damage of their image.

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I’ll steel this.

I’m not even from Europe or USA, and I agree with you. Everyone that I’ve spoken to regarding this, even my wife, thinks U.S.A. first or something, I don’t know what.

Just goes to show again:


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