Did arch patch it so other grubs boot loader will work with arch & arch based distros?


Did arch developers patch it so other grubs boot loaders will work with arch & arch based distros without causing a kernel panic? If they did, has it been downstream to Manjaro & other arch based distros if not, what release would it be in.

I know I wrote earlier in another I got it working by not installing arch grub & blocking the memory test. However, after a week or so. I got a kernel panic and couldn’t get back into arch at all. So, with some personal issues I been unable to get back & try arch expect through a virtualbox. Now, I am thinking of installing Manjaro again.


If another distro is to control Grub, then you need to apply some fix to get it boot Manjaro.


Arch and Manjaro handle intel-ucode differently than other distros. This is the needed patch @eugen-b was talking about …


I was meaning some manual intervention, but a patch is a better long term solution.


I think the OP question, was if the patch was proposed to grub devs to include it upstream.