DHCP with nmcli to allow ethernet devices to connect

I have an old laptop I’m trying to turn into a router. So I want to set it up that when I plug another computer into the ethernet port it is automatically assigned an IP and gets access to the bridged wifi where it can access the internet.

So far I have setup in nmcli a bridge which enslaves the eno1 device + sets up the wifi.
But I am stuck trying to get the eno1 device to work.

I am making this a generic script here:

on line 57 I enslave the eno1 device.

I’ve tried a few things such as setting ‘ipv4.method shared’ on the bridge connection:

    echo "[Router] Editing connection ${connection_name}"
    nmcli connection modify ${line} ipv4.method shared

I’ve tried setting the ipv4.method also on the bridge… but nothing seems to work.
When ever I plug in another computer it tries to connect then fails.

Can someone point me in the right direction?

Why are you bridging interfaces if you want to have a router? I’m not sure I understand anything in that script or why you would need a script at all…

Perhaps draw a network - how it is supposed to look.

Some reading: Router - ArchWiki