Df command output

Hi, when i type df -h command i have in the size of the partition a little less size that the true size. Example /dev/sda1 have 100G and df -h showme 98G, i don’t know how to interpret that. Thanks.

What have you measured the 100G with?

Pretty sure df uses GiB by default, while your other measure method could be using GB.

Ok, very thanks, :+1:t3:

Additional info:

If a search is done in "man df" for "-h", just under it is "-H".

-H, --si likewise, but use powers of 1000 not 1024

There is a "man 7 units" that describes Linux units. Towards the end, is says “programs are slowly being changed to conform.” Here it is online.

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Fdisk, df, and inxi output verry different sizes in between 3 commands, i don’t understand. Thanks.