Device(mouse) is not detected for app installation

Good day,

OS: Manjaro KDE on MSI Laptop.

I’m using a mouse with +6 bottons which comes with an app(exe file) provided by producer.
Only left/right click works without app.
Issue is when running the app(with wine), it doesn’t detect the mouse at all.

Any ideas?

usually multi-button mouse are auto-detected linux but YMMV depending on the make of your mouse. for further info run these commands in terminal and get the output.

$ xinput list
$ inxi -Gazy

also state the brand and model of the mouse, and whether it is a USB or bluetooth.

This is a windows driver file.

The mouse is controlled by Linux - not wine - so that won’t work.

You will have to search AUR to see if someone has reverse enginered the interface and created a custom package script.