/dev/tpm0 missing after linux65 kernel update

I have just updated my kernel from 6.4.12-1 to 6.5.0-1 and after reboot I found my tpm2.0 missing. All packages are up to date.
Not sure if any other device is lost.

If there is any logs or something else needed to locate the problem, please let me know.

To make clear:

  1. /dev/tpm0 existed before this upgrade. I used to passthrough this device into qemu/KVM.
  2. Firmware TPM is kept enabled in BIOS setup, and it works all right in Windows 11.
  3. Kernel is upgraded with Manjaro settings gui, and the whole process is run by default.

OS: Manjaro Linux x86_64
Kernel: 6.5.0-1-MANJARO
DE: Plasma 5.27.7
CPU: 12th Gen Intel i9-12900H (20) @ 4.900GHz

To be somewhat particular … its more of ‘changing’ than updating, as they are different packages.

Did you also remove 6.4 ?

6.5 isnt even really ‘finished’ yet … so you might want to use something else.

Thanks! I am now using 6.4 again which solved the problem.

Just for the record, I had the same issue on Intel 1240P.
Switched back to 6.4

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