/dev folder is not showing many icons

Hey guys I’m new to linux and I installed Manjaro KDE edition and I have been using it for some time. But yesterday I noticed a bug or something that really annoyed me i.e, in /dev folder some of the icons are not being displayed like when I open /dev folder or any other folder in /dev many of the icons are not displayed. But there is no such problem in other folders it is only in /dev and the folders it is containing. I am running the default theme btw. Is there any thing I am doing wrong ? I have posted screenshot for reference.
![Screenshot_20201115_180339|690x388] (upload://2EJaACcLEpEWP9H7WcZwP9ZZXgo.png) ![Screenshot_20201115_180559|690x388] (upload://n1Hc6r2VRUbNchOic70w1olPCCM.png)

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First of all, you shouldn’t concern yourself with icon visibility on account of anything under /dev. The contents of that directory (“folder”) live in virtual memory, not on your fixed drive.

The files in /dev are all so-called device special files, which means that although they appear as filesystem objects and can be read from or written to ─ with the proper permissions ─ they are actually an abstraction layer between userspace and the hardware. As such, applications and userspace processes can ─ again, if they have the proper permissions ─ read from or write to the hardware directly.

GNU/Linux is a UNIX operating system, and in UNIX, everything is treated as a file, and every file is actually only a stream of bytes.

Likewise, you will find similar graphical oddities when perusing /proc and /sys, which are both interfaces to the kernel, represented to userspace as filesystems, but their contents are actually virtual, as opposed to /dev, whose contents do live in virtual memory ─ i.e. RAM and/or swap ─ but which contains actual files, even though they are a special type of files, as I explained higher up.

I don’t know what you are saying but as u mentioned /proc and /sys folders are displaying all the icons only /dev folder icons and the files it is containing is not displaying. I am running other distros in VM but even they are showing the icons in /dev folder only manjaro is not showing . If I could share a screenshot maybe u could understand

I do understand, because I am not seeing any icons in my /dev here either ─ or at least, only a few of them ─ but like I said, those are not regular files, and icon sets generally don’t cover the contents of /dev.

As for why you cannot post screenshots, this is a restriction the forum engine puts on new accounts so as to avoid spam. If you stick around, then your Discourse trust level will go up and you will gain access to more functionality.

I just got uplifted can u see my previous post screenshot now

Yes, I can, but it doesn’t change anything to what I said. :wink:

Ok I got ur point but still not able to see the icons when u open up a folder and everything just looks blank even though some files are present there is just annoying though. So I wanted to make it look clean and clear even if I dont open such files. Anyway thanks for ur help
And btw why is it showing in other distros in my VM though? Can u elaborate this please

Maybe those other distros are using icon sets that do cover the contents of /dev? Some icon sets are more complete than others.


Ok Thank you for ur valuable info. I thought I did something wrong. Thanks again

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