Determine the best kernel automatically

Can linux operating systems not detect the best kernel for the specific system by itself and inform/suggest the user?
Sometimes kernel related problems occur (sleep or hibernate issue etc) which get fixed after installing the correct kernel.

How to define ‘best’ ?

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Sometimes even for sentient beings is hard to determine best, and requires test and then conclusion for the decision factor. How could an OS detect something ?
The mhwd for example does detect the hardware GPU and installs the driver based on the database … the kernel needs manual installation tho, trough mhwd-kernel and also knows what modules to install. :slight_smile:

Wonder if an AI OS exists and if i would like one of those on my machine. Nope!


Can you make a detailed list of all the specific systems in use - or at least a list of specific components which can be assembled to build a system to run the kernel.

Once you’ve posted that, we’ll work out a script that will determine which components work with kernels we’ve tried.

After that, you can write your own AI software which will intelligently extrapolate that information for new hardware and configurations as they arise. Hopefully you’ll find also a way to calculate how well it will work with all kernels.

FYI this is the main advantage of buying Apple hardware to run Apple’s software.

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yes you are right :apple:
and windows

No, Apple because they use a limited range of hardware so it’s basically tuned to work with the OS.

answer is NO
how can you be sure that these version linux kernel with these adding parameters can boot or not ?
( means boot ending well )

Lennart is working on that. :stuck_out_tongue:

Lennart is working on that too! :crazy_face:

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My sentiments exactly… where’s the fun in that? :laughing: Half the fun is learning what not do to do… hence why backups are important! :pray:

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I know he is a cool person, smart if not genius, and i’m grateful for PulseAudio, Avahi, and systemd, but an Ai OS will never make place on my devices. When will come to that, i’ll turn back to pen and paper.

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I think you misunderstand the nature of AI. There are electric race cars and AI systems to drive them - the AI systems drive better, and whenever engineers override the AI settings because of experience or superior knowledge, they always fail to get the same results.

Eventually I’m convinced that AI will manage software and cure many of the issues we face - and because it isn’t human, it won’t be malignant or greedy.

The best answer to the question ‘if there is intelligent life in the universe, why haven’t we seen any?’ is ‘because they developed computing, the computing systems developed AI and cured their problems, so they don’t need to go out exploring - so we never see them’.

i’ve not seen sleep, hibernate, hybreed-sleep, suspend-then-hibernate issues in windows

for that question suggest someone email Slartibartfarst and request planet Manjaro has extra crinkly bits

maybe an intelligent life-form doesn’t want to hang around with a juvenile life-form that can’t tidy up it’s own planet?


They’re made out of meat.


Ah, but we still don’t know the Question that led to the ultimate answer for life,the universe and everything being 42. And I think this has gone OT… the fun police will be along soon! If only to deal with the offender mentioning Winblows on a Linux forum!

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