Desktop widget: System monitor

When you have an system monitor widget on your desktop to monitor memory, and want to manually set the Y range.
The input box only accepts values upto 99.999 which is in KB, ~97,6552734375 MiB.
This ofcourse is nowhere near usable as most systems have memory in the ranges of GiB.

The automatic Y-Range is also flawed because it makes the chart too short because it uses a max value that is like 2x the available memory.
System monitor - Memory range

Have you reported this upstream? :slight_smile:

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Where is the upstream of this gadget?

Usually is the place to fill bugs related to KDE Plasma …

Ohh ok ill try there then, i thought the gadgets were separate…okay… :+1:

Damn their system is sooo unfriendly with all their categories, there aint nothing for gadgets…ill try to post it in “some” category then… :confused:

Ok filed at: 428880 – [Widget] Y-Range

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