Desktop takes 15 minutes to appear [SOLVED]

Desktop takes 15 minutes to appear.

I am running KDE on my desktop and using 5.10 LTS kernel. After the recent update, it takes 15-20 minutes for my desktop to appear, I make it through the login manager and splash screen, then the screen is black. My Yakuake works so I can do things there. I also got the beep that a few others have mentioned. I don’t care about the beep, unless it’s indicative of something wrong.

After 15 minutes my trash can and the Total CPU use, Core Usage, and network widgets appear. 3-4 minutes later my wallpaper, taskbar, and start menu appear. 3-4 minutes later my desktop folders appear. Everything is SLOW for about 5 minutes and then I can use apps like my Chrome browser.

Only thing I can think of is that when I started the update, I walked away to go to the bathroom. I came back about 3 minutes later and the download stopped. For some reason, my WiFi signal dropped. I restarted the entire process, but it didn’t continue where it left off. I’m wondering if a few packages didn’t completely download and install.

Is there a way to start the entire last update from scratch? Or should I do something different.

My Core usages are higher than usual and so is the temperature - which is something I’m obviously concerned about.

What does journalctl -r show?

The reason could be also that the HDD is just full.

I had the same Problem some times ago.
The reason was this: I had activated background-pictures. And I selected my pictures - folder from my NAS. There were thousends of pictures.
So with every login, plasma indicates all the many pictures. This needs about 15 - 20 minutes after login. During this time the computer was unusable. Only yakuake works fine in this time.
My solution was, that I copied less pictures into my home-folder and selected in plasma only this folder for background-pictures. Now all works fast and fine after login.

Good luck

KDE and Gnome developers alike - they change things on whim and the endusers suffer.

KDE comes with a lot of background services - most notably baloo indexer.

KDE developers may change how the indexer stores the indexes on a thought of improvement - which in turn requires the index to be removed and recreated.

This is a pain - but unavoidable - and is why I have been reluctant to use KDE (dropped Gnome years ago).

The past months I have been using a customized KDE - it actually started of as LXQt using kwin - but evolved into a what I am using know. But I still run into weird issues.

I keep the syste at bay by leaving out traditional KDE apps like Dolphin and Kate - using pcmanfm-qt, ktexteditor and sublime-text instead.

In a short while Plasma 5.25 hits shore - I expect a tsunami of issues when that happens.

It’s massive. Too big to copy and paste, unfortunately.

Thanks for the reply. I always use a static image for a background.

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So, I Googled for a while and found a post someone made a few years ago about essentially the same thing.

The solution was: sudo pacman-mirrors -f5, update, then reboot.

Two kernels (5.10 and 5.15) , manjaro-hello, manjaro-release, plasma5-themes-breath, plasma5-themes-breath-migration, and xkeyboard-config were the packages in the update.

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