Desktop moves out of screen when moving mouse to right side

Maybe a Newbie-Question, but I’ve no idea what is going on here: I’ve just installed Manjaro for the first time and noticed on strange behavior - whenever I move my mouse to the right side of the screen my desktop and all the windows start moving to the left out of the screen and some black space moves in… Don’t know how to describe it better - think of a side-scroller but there is nothing there just black. If I move my mouse to the left edge my desktop starts coming back. Any idea what this “feature” is supposed to be and how to turn it off?

Give system info with inxi -Fazy command (even if you don’t believe it matters, it avoids wasting time when missing one information that would be obvious to help later).

That sounds like your desktop is zoomed in, or you have a second monitor with weird setup, or something fishy with the screen/monitor/resolution.

A viewport - which can be larger than the screen resolution and scrolls when mouse is edged.

This is not default behavior - I don’t even know how - so you will have to backtrack your actions to find how you reached the result you are seeing.

Perhaps you have zoomed your desktop?

Try the Win to zoom out.

You enabled Switch desktop on Edge … Disable it in Settings > Workspace Behavior > Screen Edge

And you can keep whatever other settings you use there.



I just checked - at the default slow animation - this can make you dizzy and cause nausea - what I don’t understand is why you say you are getting black - I get the current wallpaper?

Thank you for your help… The problem just solved itself. Yesterday it was still here, now it’s gone. I’ll come back to you if it pops up again!

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