Desktop manjaro on PinePhone?

is there a way to use desktop version of Manjaro KDE on PinePhone?
From what I know, Pinebook (non-pro version) has absolutely same specs as cheaper version of PinePhone, so I thought it should work.
Is there a way to make desktop linux work on PinePhone? I tried PineBook image and it didn’t boot :slightly_frowning_face:

Well, it can run, sure. But it won’t be a good experience, since it’s all so tiny and vertical.

You would need to create a specific image for it.

There wouldn’t be a way to change screen orientation and size of things on the screen?
If I’m right, in usual Manjaro KDE it works…

Then It’s clear why it didn’t want to boot :smile:

I wanted to know it, because I’m used to small icons and buttons on a touchscreen and if I for example 3D printed a stand for my PinePhone and connected a keyboard (or even a mouse), It would be pretty usable - It works with Phosh pretty well, but I just like Plasma :wink:

Sure you can. But it will always start in the “wrong orientation”, since that’s how the screen is connected.