Desktop Icons Now Look Weird 'Til Clicked

A minor-but-annoying bug just started-up a few days ago with my Manjaro-Plasma desktop: the 4 app-launch icons I have on my desktop show-up as dark-gray rectangles, and only take-on the correct icons on first click. Everything else is fine, and the icons work; the just look weird 'til clicked for first time in session.

Here’s what my desktop looks like on startup:

And here’s what it’s supposed to look like:

So, what could be causing this? Seems to me, might be a permissions thing. OS thinks it doesn’t have permission to load the icons till I click them? Whatever it is, it started about 4 days ago.

Huh! This problem just went away in a spectacular and violent fashion! On restarting my computer, the desktop was now just those 4 blue icons on a field of black. Wallpaper and all widgets were missing. Apparently, something in desktop config got so screwed up that Plasma eventually just reset everything.

So I added the wallpaper and widgets back in, and everything works fine, even after restarting again. I’m puzzled as to what caused this in the first place, but it’s now fixed, so I can’t reproduce or troubleshoot it. Weird.

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