Desktop icons moving on reboot again

Using Manjaro xfce stable with current updates; new user.

Desktop icons, especially trashcan, are in new places on reboot. I place them; they move. I see this has been a problem on and off over the years, and I see it now Oct. 6 2020 with current software.

Ideas/fixes? Thanks.

Using also XFCE, but have no Problems here. Maybe because I save the Session at shutdown/reboot?

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Hi, this from the XFCE forum could help topic
Once you have the icons in the location that you want, execute the following command to make the icon config file read-only:

sudo chattr +i ~/.config/xfce4/desktop/icons*

This way, none of the changes will be saved/reverted and on every login, the icons should revert to their saved locations. If they are shuffled during operations, a simple “xfdesktop --reload” should reset them.

Note that if you want to permanently move icon locations, you will have to run:

sudo chattr -i ~/.config/xfce4/desktop/icons*

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I do have automatically save session on logout checked. I have seen online posts where that was not enough for people.

I will look into other approaches, like the other posted reply. I do not think I could guess if the 2012 posts would be usable or destructive on today’s version of software, so it is careful going for me being new to this area…

Thank you. I saw those posts but being careful, as mentioned in other reply, “I do not think I could guess if the 2012 posts would be usable or destructive on today’s version of software, so it is careful going for me.”

I will try this out. Thank you.

See how this goes. Navigate to /home/‘username’/.config/xfce4/desktop/

Delete all the files other than the one which correctly defines the icon positions. You can determine which file defines the correct icon positions by counting the number of icons.

I guess this
is what @Hipster is referring to.
I had a similar issue several years ago.
Then I deleted all *.rc files but one.

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I had the same problem and I just solved it with the instructions in your link.

In the address book:

I had 4 files and as expected they were in conflict.
Eliminate the ones that did not coincide with my current organization of icons, leaving only a single file and now the ghost that disorganized my icons is gone, when I return I know what to do XD

Well, seriously, everything is perfect now, thank you very much.

Thanks everyone.

I did delete all but the most recent and seemingly correct files, as suggested. Things have stabilized. It now seems only the Trash moving itself to the upper left corner each reboot over the past few days.

BTW, after a general update, e.g. in the last week, lots of movement.

Bottom line: Mostly stable now. I will hold off freezing the icons unless things get difficult again, but it is very helpful to know about that.

This is an annoyance that reappears in this desktop, and needs attention by developers when they can.

Thank you for the good suggestions everyone.

Did distribution update (Manjaro xfce) this week and problem seems to not occur now. Thanks to whoever fixed it.

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