Desktop icons moving around desktop after reboot

When I reboot my PC mainly my folders get moved around and it incredibly inconvenient. I was thinking it was caused by the weather widget but after a reboot it still did it. I am new to Linux so please don’t hit me too hard. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

Before reboot:

After reboot:

Linux Manjaro KDE
Kernel 511 (5.11.6-1)

Right click the desktop: Edit mode ->Configure Desktop and Wallpaper → Icons → find the item that says “lock in place”

when you said that I was sure this would fix it but the icons still moved around after reboot! Darn. I verified that the icons were locked and they were. I have heard that having multiple monitors that are at different resolutions would cause it but i don’t put my desktop icons on my other monitors besides the main.

I’m having the same issue. New install from yesterday. I’m still configuring it, but every time I log out, some (lot all) icons magically move to the top of my screen.
They are “locked” in the desktop settings, but they don’t respect it.
I’m on kernel 5.12.1-2-Manjaro, KDE 5.21.4 …I saw that there’s a beta 5.22. Maybe I’ll try it. It triggers my ocd, to have those icons go wherever

On windows I have a little app called DesktopOK. I can save several desktop icon snapshot positions and restore them later, but I couldn’t find a Linux alternative for this, me being new to Linux and all :thinking:
On windows, you also can save the icons position by refreshing the desktop, but here, F5 (refresh desktop) does nothing :frowning:

IF I knew where the icon positions are stored, maybe I could save a copy to another location, after I put the icons in their right places, and run a script at startup that would replace the real file with the previous backup?..
I would just need to remember to copy that file over again, every time I change the place of icons, but that would be ok for me

Anyone knows where I can find this file? I’ve been googling this for hours, unsuccessfully…

I have the same issue.
Every-time I reinstall Manjaro, icons position gets changed.

If I have icons block in center, sometimes after restart these look like stairs.

Icons, attached to left edge completely disordered.
I assume this behaviour isn’t related to KDE Plasma itself, as there’s no such a problem with Kubuntu.

Following this topic on forum : /t/icons-are-rearranging-themselves-after-each-reboot/99320)