Desktop Icons getting rearranged on restart in Plasma 5.23.4

Hi All,

I upgraded to 5.23.4 a few weeks ago and since then, everytime I restart my computer, my desktop icons get rearranged.

On starting up, for an instance everything is where it is supposed to be, then the screen flashes for a second and everything gets rerarranged. And it is incredibly tedious to rearrange them to where they are supposed to be.

Is this happening for anyone else? Is there a fix to this? There is an option to lock desktop icons, but because of the way I use my destkop, I don’t want to.

Any advice or feedback would be appreciated. Thank you.

right click the desktop → choose icons in the left menu → fix the arrangement section how you want it.

Right that’s what I have selected (unsorted) so I can arrange them on the fly per my needs.

However since the last update, restarting the computer, mixes everything up.

happens to me too.

Since when has it been happening? Since the 5.23.4 update?

Desktop icons were fine before then for me at least

I don’t keep icons on my desktop, but my wife does. She also likes them in particular places and she has not told me that anything has changed lately. So it is not a universal issue, I have no idea how widespread it is.

This thread might help:

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so the empty panel makes this problem? interesting.

I have this bug too. It causes beacause of ANY panel on the top of the screen (in my case). Check if breath panel, empty panel and some kind of this panel is on the top of the screen. If it is, just move panel to left, right ot bottom. This is just to avoid the issue, but not to solve:(

I have monoblock with kubuntu 21.10 and there is no issue. Sadly, isn’t it?:frowning:

my top panel has been in the top since I started using Manjaro. is it too late to do that kind of remedy?

Sigh, it is frustrating that this bug appeared recently.

But no, I don’t have a panel at the top. In fact I don’t have any panels; I’m just using Latte Dock.

I THINK (emphasis on think) the problem has been solved with the update to 5.23.5

I have restarted twice since the update and no rearranging going on.

Yes, it is. I got the plasma update yesterday and the bug is disappeared. Finally

how do I update it? is it in pamac? it says here that I got a 5.23.5-1 version but it still happen.

Of course in pamac. But also you can update in console by this command:

sudo pacman -Syyu

this is still happening to my machine even though i’m in plasma version 5.23.5-1. happy for you though.

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