Desktop icon position scrambled every bootup

The title says it all, every time i fire up the system ALL the desktop icons get rearranged, regardless of what settings i choose.
It straight up ignores the “locked” option…

This happens after login, when at first the icon positions are where i left them, only to have them scambled as soon as Latte starts.
All icons vanish for a second and reappear either completely all over the place, or alphabetically sorted.
Which is weired in and of itself, since i cant see any consistent patter.
On one boot its like that, and on the next one behavior is changing without any user changes.

Also, sddm complains about /var/lib/sddm/.config/sddm-greeterrc lacking write permissions.
Nothing a quick chmod cant solve, but “out of the box” that shouldnt happen.
(Note, the file doesent exist initially.)

See this bug report:

One workaround is to backup the file ~/.config/plasma-org.kde.plasma.desktop-appletsrc and use it when issue occurs again

Didnt work, after resetting everything by renaming appletsrc it still defaults to the same behavior. :frowning:
Changing the persmissions on the .config directory was a good idea tho, thank you for that.