Desktop Environment Easy Switcher

Hi, I was wondering if some one has an development idea or project where a application/script provides a easy way to switch in between few popular desktop environments? if not can someone start working on something like this, it would be one of the unique things.
Few things it should make sure is,

  • do a backup

  • check for applications specific to that desktop environment and install required dependencies for them to run on new selected desktop Environment

  • Give a clear instruction on what to do if a failed boot sequence occurs, or a script command that will be able to bring back the new desktop environment.

  • Streamline future switching by reducing the most common issues and most common applications used.

    • Have them create a new user for new DE for each type and user can just choose to login into the one they want to use today.

In end this is just an idea, i am very beginner programmer, this will be a big challenge for me, i would try work on it on my free time. But if someone else is already working on it or is interested in it, well it would be nice to know.

BTW this is my first post and i love using manjaro. But i found myself jumping around to different desktop environments for different things i like about them.

I’m not Manjaro dev but, with my understanding of DEs, a comprehensive solution would be a real PITA to make due to how different applications have different configs with different DEs. There’s a Manjaro wiki entry on this Install Desktop Environments - Manjaro

If you have multiple DEs installed, then you log out and chose the other DE and log in. Not quite recommended but possible. With multiple users you simply switch users and each can chose their favorite DE. LightDM, SDDM or GDM offer that possibility already.

TimeShift does that already if the user sets it. You can use timeshift-autosnap available in the AUR; and if you use btrfs you can make snapshots:

There is no such thing. Services yes, and particular DE settings/widgets/addons … but most applications are DE independent. They might be GTK+ or Qt or whatever, and follow the theme of each, but will work regardless the DE or WM.

This is quite unrealistic and idealized scenario …

Each DE has their own development path and they address their own issues in time. Conflicting configs between them will not be addressed by anybody else but the user, by knowing what they are doing in multiple DE environment.

Manjaro provides ISOs for each DE the user likes. Install it and use it. Trough Architect you can install multiple DEs, but will be users responsibility to deal with them.

You will do that a lot, till you find one that better suits to your workflow and needs.