Desktop Background Image Doesn't Apply Properly

Hi, my desktop background images don’t apply properly. At first they worked fine but have started being applied wrong, it seems to happen randomly but is happening more now.

I have a 4k TV and a 1440x900 monitor. The TV is on the left, the monitor on the right (in the display properties window). It looks like the image, instead of being duplicated on each screen, is being applied at 4k resolution from the top right of my monitor. Making the background on my monitor very zoomed in, it extends to the left onto the TV at proper zoom but doesn’t reach all the way to left on the TV.

Does that make sense?

Kinda solved it, if I switch my primary display it fixes the wallpaper. So every startup I just do that.

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my 32" TV is discovered as 72" and all is extremely zoomed in. A lot of res. changes later, it feels kinda ok. Will try this maybe, to fix my issue :slight_smile: