Deprecated PulseAudio module still being loaded at boot

Among the errors I’m getting in… :arrow_down:

journalctl --boot --priority=err

… is this one… :arrow_down:

pulseaudio[799]: module-rescue-stream is obsolete and should no longer be loaded. Please remove it from your configuration.

There is however no module by that name being loaded through any of the files in /etc/pulse/. However, the file /etc/pulse/daemon.conf does have a line in it that reads… :arrow_down:

rescue-streams = yes

… and there is indeed a module /usr/lib/pulse-14.0/modules/ So perhaps the package should be modified to… :arrow_down:

  1. no longer feature the line rescue-streams = yes in /etc/pulse/daemon.conf; and…
  2. no longer include /usr/lib/pulse-14.0/modules/


I have PulseAudio 14.2-1 from stable-staging update yesterday [2021-01-17]

it still has the module present - /usr/lib/pulse-14.2/modules/

The rescue-streams option in /etc/pulse/daemon.conf is commented out with a semicolon like all the other options

; rescue-streams = yes

There is no warning message in journal about this module

so PulseAudio 14.0.2 appears to have resolved this problem from 14.0:

module-rescue-streams is deprecated, functionality moved to the core
Having it in the configuration doesn’t do harm, but there will be warnings in the PulseAudio log.

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Well can’t say that the marked “as solution” part applies to me, it’s commented out in daemon.conf with the semicolon sure, but I still see it reported in journalctl :slight_smile:

Kernel 5.10, testing branch and

$ pacman -F
extra/pulseaudio 14.0-1 [installed: 14.2-1]
$ pacman -Qo 
error: No package owns

More on the topic with solutions here:

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The journalctl message is a warning that module should no longer be loaded
The module is still available so PulseAudio will not fail if a system is still loading it
So a user has time to sort out if there is a /etc/pulse/
to merge with PulseAudio configuration /etc/pulse/

But when a future version of PulseAudio drops support for the module, PulseAudio will fail
if configuration is not fixed

I still have this module, but in a different location (on stable-staging branch)

$ pacman -F
extra/pulseaudio 14.2-1 [installed]

I also get No package owns from pacman -Qo ?? but pamac can identify the owner

$ pamac search -f
/usr/lib/pulse-14.2/modules/ is owned by pulseaudio

I’d say old tdb file config is more likely to be the issue here

Old configuration files in home folder can be an issue after an update for PulseAudio

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Did you use the full path and does that file exist? Relative path would only work if it’s actually leading to a file:

$ pacman -Qo /usr/lib/pulse-14.2/modules/
/usr/lib/pulse-14.2/modules/ is owned by pulseaudio 14.2-2

This was my PEBCAK - Pacman works now I can see where I got it wrong

I checked it in thunar and the file list in pamac GUI
but I copy/pasted the response from pacman -F response and did not notice the missing /

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