Dependency issues with core package and AUR package


a while ago the Webex-bin from the AUR was updated and broke because of a dependecy issue with the libsecret (core) package. Downgrading to the older libsecret 0.20.4-1 version from /var/cache/pacman/pkg/ helped to solve the issue.

Now however Webex was updated once again and switched to the dependency libsecret-mr94 (AUR), which is incompatible with the core libsecret package.

My issue is, that libsecret (core) in turn seemingly cannot simply be replaced by the AUR version because the core version is a dependency for other packages:

- removing libsecret breaks dependency 'libsecret' required by gcr
- removing libsecret breaks dependency '' required by pinentry

And those packages in turn are dependencies for other packages and so on.

Is there a way to tell gcr and pinentry to use the the AUR libsecret version instead or another way to solving this problem?

I don’t think so. Mainly because libsecret is 0.20.5-1 and libsecret-mr94 is libsecret is deeply interconnected as you can see if you run the command

pactree -r libsecret

Well that’s a bummer, thanks anyway!

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