Dependency error on latest update

Trying update with pacman -Syyu, I answered all question with ‘yes’, the result is:

“removing plasma5-themes-breath breaks dependency ‘plasma5-themes-breath’ required by manjaro-kde-minimal-settings”

If I select ‘no’ for ‘Replace plasma5-themes-breath with extra/plasma6-themes-breath?’ I get:

“plasma6-themes-breath and plasma5-themes-breath are in conflict. Remove plasma5-themes-breath?”

And if I select ‘yes’ here, it’s back to the first error message. What can I do?

Remove manjaro-kde-minimal-settings before you update. That package, which requires plasma5-themes-breath, is no longer in the repositories. You might also want to install manjaro-kde-settings if the upgrade doesn’t automatically install it.

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Aha! I was a bit scared to do that, because it sounded quite fundamental. But I also did wonder why I couldn’t find it in the package manager, when I tried to look what dependencies it had…

Anyway, many thanks for the quick reply!

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Hello together,
I have the same Problem but with a Slimbook with preinstalled Manjaro. Here I get:

removing plasma5-themes-breath breaks dependency 'plasma5-themes-breath' required by plasma-theme-slimbook

Is it save to remove that and use the base manjaro them or am I loosing some settings then?

That theme is for plasma 5. It cannot be used with plasma 6 in any case.

So how am I able to do an update then? I always get errors when i try to Pacman -Syu and so I cant keep my Laptop up to date if I cant remove that package.


Remove the unsupported packages.

sudo pacman -Rns plasma-theme-slimbook
sudo pacman -Syu

And are there some settings missing then on my slimbook?
Because Slimbook-titan-settings depends on that theme.

Ah, had not realized there were even more packages involved.

This should probably be brought to the attention of packager people
@Yochanan @philm

I really do not know whats contained in that package.
But I might guess its also not compatible with plasma6.

For now you will either need to wait, or bite the bullet and remove them.


I have attempted to float a notification to the maintainers here:

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For now its seems to be working ok with the Standard Settings, when its fixed I will go Back to the Slimbook-titan-Settings.

One thing I’ve noticed is that I get a Black Screen sometimes when Locking the Screen but this seems to be a Plasma 6 Issue :

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