Dell XPS w/ Intel 8260 Wifi - Wifi Adapter Not Found

Hey Everyone,

Not sure what’s going on. I updated to the latest kernel 5.17.x a few days ago, and for some reason, when I powered on my laptop today, the wifi card is not detected. As far as I know, everything was working fine after the update, and now no wifi. =(

If I can provide any information to assist in the troubleshooting process, please let me know. But I am really just looking for a ‘quick’ way to reset the wifi and possibly check to see if that gets things working again?

Any feedback or assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

you can switch back to 5.15 LTS, reboot and check … if its not there, provide formated output from:
inxi -Fazy
frkill list

Switched back to LTS, no change with wifi (still not working). Is there an easy way I can share this if my laptop does not have wifi? I guess I can take a photo of the output on my phone…

i assume you are now on your phone, so can you use tethering via cable?