Dell XPS 9520 w/ 3050TI and nvidia eGPU, cannot get a working boot with the eGPU

Hi, I have a dell XPS 9520 and no matter what I do I cannot get this setup to work. Does anyone have a similar setup that works with Plasma & Wayland?

I’ve gotten to the point where the laptop will boot into wayland and everything seems to be working fine but I really would like to be able to use the eGPU in my setup. If that means the internal dGPU needs to be disabled or I’m missing a critical step somewhere I’d have no issue with having it disabled. (Has to be setup that way in windows anyway)

I’ve tried everything from the arch wiki to various forum posts about similar issues, but I haven’t found one guide that goes from base install to working plasma+wayland boot. I think it would be really valuable to have a from scratch guide floating around about how to get going. Once a solution is found I’ll edit the post with a concise list of the steps needed. If I can help with any additional info let me know!

Would you care to help people help you by providing system information?
inxi -Fazy
for instance.

I don’t have Nvidia hardware myself but from reading it appears that this can be a bit capricious and especially so with Wayland.

I simply would not use Wayland at the first hint of any kind of problem.
And indeed I don’t. :sunglasses:
But that’s just me.

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I will provide that output later tonight, currently the OS doesn’t boot after the eGPU driver was installed.

I feel you on that! If x11 had per display scaling in a somewhat easy way between different docking setups (this laptop moves between different docks work/home), I’d just exist in x11 land. But I’m trying to find the path of least resistance. I’m hoping I can get this to work :raised_hands:. Manjaro runs on my XPS easily 2x better compared to my windows setup. WSL is very taxing on a laptop system. Pulling a constant 30watts on a desktop is w/e on a laptop not so much…