Dell XPS 15 9500 - Good Manjaro Machine?

Hey Everyone,

I am looking at picking up a Dell XPS 9500 and throwing Manjaro on it. Any issues (drivers / performance / etc.) with Manjaro and the newer XPS-15 model? I am also considering XPS-13 9300 model as well.

Any feedback anyone could provide would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

For hardware check out the linux hardware database:

Be nice and add a probe of your current hardware :slight_smile:

A quick glance at some probes of xps15 9500 machines seem to indicate some wifi and fingerprint reader issues, so ymmv.

The quickest way to find a Linux compatible machine is to buy a Linux compatible machine, eg check if Linux is supported out of the box. If a distro (any distro) is supported your changes of running another distro are excellent.