Dell laptop and Manjaro


Will Manjaro work fine on Dell Precision 7520 WorkStation i7-6920HQ that has Quadro M2200M laptop?
How about nVidia driver support, I’d want to avoid using nouveau?

There is no guarantees for how well Linux will work with your particular system but your GPU is supported by the latest Nvidia 525 series

Which can be installed if you choose to.

Will Linux handle well Lexar Professional NM800 Pro (InnoGrit Rainier IG5236 controller) 1TB SSD? Would there be any downsides such as operational losses in Linux? I’m about to have Asus TUF Gaming FX506LH-HN004T (Core i5-10300H) laptop, it probably has PCI Express 3.0 for SSD?, would you say that it would be compatible even though this is pcie 4? :slight_smile:

It is next to impossible to answer your question - it would require intimate knowledge of said hardware - knowledge which is not readily available.

A suggestion would be to download a current Manjaro live iso and boot from it to see what works.

I mentioned what is SSD’s chipset, here would be more details 'bout laptop -, is it useful for somebody to be able to give improved assistance? I may also have an access to that model of laptop, although no Lexar nvme, I can live boot Manjaro and share technicals that I gather in thread if you tell me which commands to run for being able to have an idea.

Thank you, however if I see what works then I would know what works but I’m trying to find out if I should spend my funds…