Dell inspiron 5482 Manjaro Installer failure (not enough disk space)


The problem is probably due to incorrect BIOS UEFI settings. I have no previous experience with UEFI; my research doesn’t show much because I can’t ask a proper question, I think.

Manjaro Linux Installer greeting message:

[X] There is not enough drive space. At least 7.9 GiB is required.
[X] There are no partitions to install on.


$ sudo fdisk -l

shows /dev/sda the size of 7.22 GiB (my USB stick?), nothing else. This can’t really be true, because the laptop is good enough to boot into Windows, which I want to completely replace with Manjaro.

BIOS settings:

Boot Sequence:

[v] Windows Boot Manager
[v] UEFI: USB DISK 2.0 PMAP, Partition 2

Boot List Option: UEFI


[v] SATA-0
[v] M.2 PCIe SSD-0
[v] SATA-2

All I can guess is that my actual drive is SSD-0, and it’s enabled. Probably this isn’t enough. What do I have to do to satisfy my Manjaro Linux Installer?

Hi @Llama,

I think you’ve got to make sure in BIO9S/UEFI that it is in AHCI mode(? unsure if this is the correct name) and that software-raid as well as secure boot and fast boot, if it’s there, is disabled.

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Secure Boot Mode: Deployed Mode
[ ] Secure Boot Enable

Otherwise nothing familiar.

From this site:

Deployed mode is basically a more strict version of the normal Secure Boot mode

So see if you can change the Mode. (Not having a Dell, I don’t know how, sorry.)


I know this is for Ubuntu, but since both Ubuntu and Manjaro is Linux, it would apply here too. So, see:

Thanks! This is it.

With my Dell Inspiron 5482:

Settings > System Configuration > SATA Operation: AHCI

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