Dell does not boot, live USB does not as well

Dell Inspiron 15 3515, Amd Razeon 5, 8gb ram.

I’m typing from cell Phone.
Since yesterday, after using the notebook and completely recharging it, I did put it in suspension mode and gone sleeping.

After awakening, went to open it and screen did not turn on again. Just a palid backlight. Restarted it. No grub, no passing beyond Dell logo after which only black screen (but showing system was on).

Checked BIOS, setup, boot order (USB first), etc. Tried to boot live USB, no success.

I’ve read a lot of posts. But, I cannot access chroot via live USB, don’t know how could I fix via TTY.

Any ideas?


You can try disabling that (search related threads).

In general, to get to TTY, runlevel 3, and so on see this:

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Have you verified that Secure Boot did not get re-enabled in the UEFI?

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Secure boot disabled.

I went through “how to disable Plymouth” post.
I reach a screen after tapping E (Boot option) on grub. There’s a piece that reads “quiet splasg”
Or should I go for grub cmd line?

And both the thread you mentioned and the link posted here have explicit instructions for what to do there depending on your intentions.

splash enables ‘boot splash’ (what plymouth does).
quiet hides output.

Removing both would make booting more verbose and should also temporarily disable plymouth.
There are also extra options for explicitly disabling plymouth.

3 sets runlevel 3.

Placing a 3 among the options disables gfx and boots into console.

(and so on)

So …

You could first try replacing quiet splash with

plymouth.enable=0 disablehooks=plymouth

Which may work.

If not … you might try just the 3 to try to get an interactive console.

If none of that works … you will probably need to use a live-usb and manjaro-chroot.

Live USB does not load, it stucks at the same point.

I edited this piece. After f10, it should boot, but a pile of cmd lines dropped and nothing changes. No alternative console mode.

It might be helpful to know what it actually prints.

If even the liveusb does not load then it could be something deeper, like EFI/BIOS settings or hardware failure.


It’s a sort of lines like those of loading live USB, soon they fade.