Deleting files in Gnome 44.1

If i have 6 folders in the file manager & i want to delete 3 of them.
The folders named folder 1, folder 2 , folder 3 , folder 4 , folder 5 , folder 6.

Then i decide to delete folders 1 2 3 by right clicking, then have them moved to the wastebasket.
What will happen as i do 1 to 3. it will make folders 4 5 & 6 disappearer & leave folders 1 to 3 there instead.
giving you the appearance you deleted the the wrong ones.

Now if you go to the trash bin. you will see folders 1 thru to 3 in there instead of folders 4 to 6 instead. That you thought was moved to the trash bin.
Once you close the file manager & go back to the location where you deleted 1 thru to 3 folders.
You will see folders 4 thru to 6 are still their.

A real weird bug.

This was done on the unstable release from the update to 44.1.
I’m not aware if you know of this bug. Thought i would share it.


The error has existed since de 44.0 upstream.
Annoys me personally too, but we can only hope that it will be fixed with 44.2.

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It’s a known issue that will be fixed with Gtk 4.10.4. See FS#78393 - [nautilus] 44.1 After moving files to the trash nautilus incorrectly refreshes the screen

For now, after deleting a file / folder, press F5 to refresh.


Thank you.

Fixed with gtk4 1:4.10.3-1.0.


I can see after the update.

Thank yous!