Deleted Windows EFI partition. Created /boot/efi for Manjaro. Now windows doesn't boot

Hi everyone, noob here. I had a working dual boot with Manjaro and Windos 10. And then I accidentaly broke Manjaro and reinstalled it. Didn’t boot. Then I deleted windows EFI, and created a /boot/efi partition for Manjaro. Now Manjaro boots, and Windows doesn’t. Maybe someone knows how to get this dual setup working? Thank you.

Update: I Fixed window partition, but now I can’t see Manjaro. Going back and forward here. How to add Manjaro partition to bootloader?

I fixed deleted windows EFI following this guide: ‘"’"

And then, when I was only able to boot to windows, added manjaro to the booting order using another guide, but I can’t post the link, for some reason.

Finally, changed the boot order in my motherboard bios.

Worst thing you could do, since grub will search for the windows EFI partition… So at this point you need to recreate the Windows EFI Partition and make it bootable again. But this would be a Windows Problem. Better ask in this case at a Windows Forum :wink:

Next time, just check the boot order at your UEFI and set Manjaro first. Also recommend is creating a second EFI partition just for Manjaro next to the Windows one, so that they are separated.