Deleted alternate greeter. Now only terminal is coming

I am new to linux.I use xfce
I was installed ssdm greeter (as a dependency of kde but i uninstalled kde now) and set it as default.
I dont needed it and i uninstalled it by sudo pacman -Rc ssdm.
What i expected was lightdm gtk greeter will be back.
But when i restarted, there ia no graphical interface and its opening a terminal only.

I ran the command systemctl start lightdm.service and it worked. But only for this session. It again comes to terminal after reboot.
I also tried systemctl unmask lightdm.service but it didn’t worked

systemctl enable lightdm.service --now

I ran but it says file exist and it is sddm.service
I did systemctl disable sddm.service then ran that command and it worked. Thanks

You should refrain from utilizing -Rc whenever you want to uninstall a package, unless you really want to remove everything that is connected to this one. It can potentially mess up your entire system. From the Pacman man page:

Remove Options (apply to -R)
-c, --cascade
Remove all target packages, as well as all packages that depend on one or more target packages. This operation is recursive and must be used with care, since it can remove many potentially needed packages.

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