Delay in promoting Plasma from testing to stable

Why hasn’t plasma-desktop packages v5.25.x been promoted from testing to stable?

See here:

My understanding is that Manjaro package maintainers prefer to promote the latest KDE Plasma iteration after one or two point releases are issued. There have been 5 point releases. v5.25.0 was released in June.

Does anyone know why there has been a delay in distributing v5.25.x to stable clients?

I checked the announcements pages of the Manjaro forum sections (both stable-updates as well as testing-updates). I couldn’t find answer to my question.

Back when the same question was asked about plasma 5.25 from unstable to testing

Now that is on both unstable and testing branches and did more tests, personally i still think is not there yet, and upstream fixes need to be applied.
I really wish this list will get slimmer


You could always switch to Testing.

The “delay”, as you call it, is probably due to Quality testing and control. Remember, there are many people that use Plasma, not just you or me. And it needs to be thoroughly tested and the kinks worked out. If you want it sooner, switch branches and help out with testing.


Yes, I’m on testing now and - well I’ve an annoying bug where my taskbar sometimes gets stuck on top (when windows should normall cover it) and doing kwin/plasmashell replace sometimes won’t fix it.

I’m halfway between wait 'n see and going back to stable.

The users of latte-dock 10.8 might get frustrated as well with some inconsistencies and ui glitches. On my unstable install i dropped it and trying to figure out the best way to adapt for my workflow, and still comparing things with my testing install.

Right. No hurry here. I even turned off the compositor and use xcompmgr, which I know to be bug free. :smirk:

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