Deja-dup - "reset" configuration


this is definitely one of the more stupid questions, but I haven’t found a solution on the internet so far.
I just want to deinstall deja-dup completely, including all configuration, which it seems to keep after deinstalling and deleting the deja-dup folder in .cache.

I would have thought it was quite easy, but deja-dup is quite persistent it seems and it just back it’s original config from somewhere.
Pointing me to a documentation which helps is appreciated too, because all I have found didn’t help me find the answer to my question.


Hi @EdwardHyde,

Check in your ~/.config directory, not anything .cachey.

Hope this helps!

Install dconf-editor, launch it and look for org.gnome.deja-dup
right click → reset recursively

I had expected an actual config directory in ~/.config as well - but that will apparently only exist when you use the underlying program (duplicity).


I’ve looked there before and, after your comment, again. Sadly, nothing to be found. I used the dconf-editor which solved the problem.
Thanks for your support!

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