Deja-dup not backing up on local file!

Deja-dup only backup، when the Internet is connected!!

For you work without internet?

If your backup destination is local, it does not need internet.

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I also meant backup destination is local.
No backup can be done without internet access!

Are you sure? I tested it and Deja-dup made me local backup without internet connection :man_shrugging:

Can you provide more information about your problem, do you have any communicates from Deja-dup?

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I am sorry
But for the first time the program runs this problem.
After reboot the system,the problem solved.

Thank you

This problem occurs when your internet is plugged in، And you take action
Does not work after internet disconnection
Until the Internet connection is established

This is a bug or …

DejaDup supports off-site backup to various cloud services and remote servers.

If you have defined a remote system whether this is LAN or a cloud service - then yes - DejaDup requires network connection - else no network required.

Check your backup jobs - most likely one of them is defined as remote.


Unfortunately this happens locally
I tested several times.
Mode backup is local
You back up when you are connected to the Internet, then disconnect from the Internet and back up again