Degree symbol in TTY

Hello community !

I have been looking through the forum but I was unable to find any answer.

I just cannot find the way to type the degree symbol (°) in TTY virtual console !

My keyboard/keymap just works fine in graphical environment, I am also able to type the degree symbol in the terminal using either the key, either the unicode (ctrl-shift-u 00b0), etc. it works. But in tty/virtual console, nothing (neither the key, neither unicode) !

My KEYMAP=fr_CH in vconsole.conf (swiss french). I just don’t get why it doesn’t work.

Any help please ?

not sure of the details, but this is a start

Press and hold the ALT key. Type 0 1 7 6 on the number pad, with numlock on

Hello, thanks for trying to help.

when I type unicode.start in terminal I get the following result
unicode_start skipped on /dev/pts/0
not sure what does that means…

I have a Surface Pro 4, so no number pad on my keyboard.

I should add also that I need the degree symbol for my password, so I cannot type anything else before logged in :sweat_smile:

Moving to ARM/Technical Assistance

Finding out the hard way that doing that is not such a good idea.

thanks !

Do you mean I should use another symbol instead of “°” in order to avoid this kind of trouble ?

No, you shouldn’t use unicode symbols at all. If you want symbols, use the standard ones that are available right from the keyboard ! @ # $ etc.

But, what is strange is that ° is available right from my keyboard, but the key does not work in TTY (thus my idea of using unicode)

According to the specs the Surface Pro 4 is an Intel based laptop…

Hmmm…OK. I really thought all surface(x) were ARM devices. Reverting.