Default text editor and default file manager is Firefox


In my system when I try to edit config files with default shortcuts it somehow opens Firefox instead of Micro. Same thing also happens with files, other programs such as Steam using Firefox’s HTML view instead of Thunar. I believe this is about $default_text_editor and $default_file_manager but not sure.

What can I do to fix this issue?

Hi Mitsukuni,
It is strange that this happened because those files are used in all the distros and they come with sensible defaults, I only had one problem with a new application.

If you right click on any config file and select ‘Open With’ it will show 3 or 4 options to open the file with. If none of them is the one you want select ‘Other Application’ and your full list of apps shows up, select the one you want to use and remember to click on ‘Remember application association …’ and next time you click a config file it should start the selected program.
Have fun and be careful editing configuration files.

Hi Peter,
Thank you for the reply.

I usually don’t mess with default configs unless there is a problem or I want to change it on my own. And other than there was a problem with $PATH at some time, I didn’t make any changes.

When I check default file associations from Thunar, they seem all fine.

By the way I fixed the Steam issue with removing ranger.desktop from Mime Cache. But Micro issue is still there. I noticed that when I right-click and choose Open Terminal here it says

Failed to launch preferred application for category "TerminalEmulator".
Could not find fallback TerminalEmulator application.

I think there is some issue with $TERMINAL but don’t know where to change that. I already changed default terminal in /.profile to urxvt thinking it could be about sterminal but it seems that was not it.